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M&M Easter Eggs!

A few weeks ago I posted that I came across the Peanut M&M Bunny Mix and, after devouring a bag, I wondered if M&M’s made any different kinds of Easter themed mixes. I should have never doubted them, in another grocery store this weekend, I came across two more: regular M&M’s Bunny Mix, and Easter Eggs!

M&M Easter Speck-tackular Eggs

M&M Easter Speck-tackular Eggs

It’s pretty cute that they print sheep, rabbits, and ducks on the regular ones, but the Easter Eggs blow my mind on many levels. I’m going to stock up on the Easter Eggs while they are in season because they will be sorely missed until next Easter. Click though for a detailed analysis of the awesomeness hidden in the M&M Easter Eggs.

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Spring Is Here

Spring is here! Hopefully this means that the cold weather is finally going away. Yay for lower heating bills, fresh produce, and being able to cook and eat outside!

Mini plant pots for seeds.

Mini plant pots for seeds.

In the spirit of Spring, I decided to see how green my thumb is. I’m starting a small garden from seeds and small plants. I’ve already planted a few seeds and they are trying their best to germinate.

Click through to see what I’m planting.

Pizza Party

Pizza Time, the Ninja Turtles would be proud.

Part of the gang, making pizzas.

Over the weekend I had a group of friends over and made pizza for them all. My challenge was to be able to quickly make enough pizzas and also be able to enjoy the company and a few drinks.

I ended up making over 30 pizzas and had a choice of about 20 different toppings.

Tasty pizza!

Tasty pizza!

Did I succeed? Find out how it went and 10 tips cooking pizza for a crowd after the jump.

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Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom

I watched this video like 5 or 6 times in a row, mouth agape. Rabbits, hamsters, cats, dogs, fish, even ducks(!) all munching away!

The hamster 31 seconds in is just going nuts over that broccoli.

Now I just have the song stuck in my head…. nom nom nom nom nom nom

“Bunny Mix” Peanut M&Ms

My favorite M&Ms are the dark chocolate peanut ones–I have a cool trick where I make an entire bag disappear in one sitting–but these are good too.

Bowl of Easter M&Ms

Bowl of Easter M&M's

I didn’t even know that they made Easter themed peanut M&M’s. The milk chocolate peanut ones rank second to their dark chocolate cousins, but I can still pull off the same disappearing act without much difficulty.

Does anyone know if the Easter ones come in regular chocolate or other flavors? My grocery store only carried the peanut “bunny mix” which frankly is a complete misnomer, there are clearly a mix of ducks, rabbits, and sheep, not just bunnies.

The Bunny Mix of Easter M&Ms

The "Bunny Mix" of Easter M&M's

I probably need to walk down the candy aisle more often if treats like this are to be expected…

Free Food

Normally I’m not the biggest fan of fast food joints… But when they are feeding me for free, I won’t really complain. So those of you looking for a free lunch, there is such a thing.

Get a free sub at Quizno’s.

And a free Roast Burger with drink purchase at Arby’s.

Chocolate Chip Cookies, NYC

I’m almost done with my NYC restaurant reviews, but before I finished I wanted to touch on one of my loves: Chocolate Chip Cookies.

While in NY, I ate some of the best cookies I have had in a long time. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures. In my eagerness to enjoy the cookies, I kinda ended up with chocolate all over my hands and face. Not wanting to ruin expensive pieces of electronics by glazing them in chocolate, I continued eating and decided I’d have to settle for no pictures in this post–I’ll get pics next time. I will tell you where you can get two of the cookies that I did enjoy.

Get a cookie at Jacques Torres; You will love it. He is known for chocolate–rightfully so–but his cookies should not be overlooked. Large, melty feves of chocolate create layers of oozing chocolate within the dough. The cookies are served warm and soft and really must be enjoyed immediately before they fall apart and get chocolate all over your fingers, camera or clothes. It’s a risk well worth taking.

The next place is Levain Bakery (photo of the cookie at the website). This cookie is out-of-control large. I’m talking fist sized cookie here. Lumped with chocolate, over an inch thick, a combination of crispy and chewy, one single cookie can be enjoyed over several meals. Or just go ahead and eat several as one meal. Your call. I won’t judge.

And a shout out goes to Milk and Cookies. The cookies here are not the legendary creations of Jacques Torres or Levain, but are more like really really good home-made cookies. They don’t go overboard and they make them like you’d expect that kind grandmother who lives next door makes them–sticking with the same formula that has worked for generations.

In the future, I’ll be posting about making chocolate chip cookies at home and my quest for the best chocolate chip cookie ever. I think I’ve found one, but you’ll have to wait just a little longer to find out which one that is…

C is for cookie, and that’s good enough for me!

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