You must forgive me. I take a ridiculous pleasure in what I eat and drink. It comes partly from being a bachelor, but mostly from a habit of taking a lot of trouble over details. It’s very pernickety and old-maidish really, but then when I’m working I generally have to eat my meals alone and it makes them more interesting when one takes trouble.
-Ian Fleming

What we are: A food blog. Read it to find interesting recipes, cooking tips and interesting news in the food world. We’ll keep the site updated with new recipes we try and other information. It’s basically an outlet for us so that we stop bothering our friends with inane food facts. (They still want us to bring them food-they just want us to shut up about how we made a bain-marie, or used exact proportions of white, whole wheat, buckwheat flour and wheat germ in our latest bread, or to what temperature we brought our dish, how long we held it there and for what reason brought it to 175 and not 180 degrees, or … well, you get the idea.)

What we are not: A list of foods that are safe to eat.

Contact us: safetoeat (at) gmail (dot) com. Want to know more about a recipe? Want to suggest something? You can email us and we’ll put it directly into the Spam bucket! Or we’ll read it and reply, that’s probably more likely.


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