Hot Toddy, a cure

Whether you are trying to chase off the cold or a cold, a Hot Toddy will solve your problems. It is combination of lemons, hot liquid and alcohol commonly used as a sore throat/cold remedy. Naturally, I used it in conjunction with my chicken soup as part of my cold cure.

A hot toddy in the making.

A hot toddy in the making.

A couple of these and you will be set for a night of sleep. Check after the jump for the recipe and more pics.

Shot of Whiskey (about 1.5 oz)
Honey (a good drizzle)
Lemon (2-4 lemon wedges)
Hot water

Add everything in a mug. Sip.

Use tea or herbal tea instead of the water. Adding cloves and Cinnamon is also common in some recipes. I like to keep things simple so I don’t add anything but the essentials.

American Honey Hot Toddy

American Honey Hot Toddy

I also made one with Wild Turkey’s American Honey, a bourbon-based liqueur made with honey. This version was a bit more syrupy and probably a good compromise for those who don’t like whiskeys.


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