M&M Easter Eggs!

A few weeks ago I posted that I came across the Peanut M&M Bunny Mix and, after devouring a bag, I wondered if M&M’s made any different kinds of Easter themed mixes. I should have never doubted them, in another grocery store this weekend, I came across two more: regular M&M’s Bunny Mix, and Easter Eggs!

M&M Easter Speck-tackular Eggs

M&M Easter Speck-tackular Eggs

It’s pretty cute that they print sheep, rabbits, and ducks on the regular ones, but the Easter Eggs blow my mind on many levels. I’m going to stock up on the Easter Eggs while they are in season because they will be sorely missed until next Easter. Click though for a detailed analysis of the awesomeness hidden in the M&M Easter Eggs.

One thing I always thought that M&M’s could stand to improve on was the quality of the crunch you get out of the candy shell. It just seems so thin and easily breakable. The candy shell on the Easter M&M’s is nearly twice as thick as the regular M&M’s, giving me that satisfying crunch I was looking for.

Note the chocolate core and the thicker candy shell.

Note the chocolate core and the thicker candy shell.

The other thing interesting about these is that despite their size, they are solid chocolate! You’d think that there would be a peanut or maybe an almond hidden under all that chocolate, but no, just chocolate. It looks like they likely molded these cores and ran them through the same process they use for the other nuts. This means that when you bite one of these in half, you can sometimes notice the different strata of chocolate.

In any case, these are now probably my favorite M&M’s. More crunch and more chocolate!

M&M Easter Speck-tackular Eggs

M&M Easter Speck-tackular Eggs


4 Responses to “M&M Easter Eggs!”

  1. 1 Bon March 30, 2010 at 12:45 pm

    Where did you find these? I love to stock up on them every year but had no luck finding them anywhere this year 😦

    • 2 fritish March 30, 2010 at 12:54 pm

      I don’t know how much help I can be. I’m not sure where you are. In the US they are fairly common. Most grocery stores and even places like Walmart or Target carry them.
      They are good though! (And please check out the update site. This blog has moved to http://www.thefoodspot.com)

    • 3 manda March 31, 2010 at 3:22 pm

      i am in australia and i can’t find them anywhere this year either 😦 i especially love the m & m crispy eggs (blue bag)

  2. 4 sofie April 18, 2011 at 1:43 pm

    in the UK the only two place iv found them are tesco and home&bargin. im in love with M&M’s at the mo πŸ™‚

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