Spring Is Here

Spring is here! Hopefully this means that the cold weather is finally going away. Yay for lower heating bills, fresh produce, and being able to cook and eat outside!

Mini plant pots for seeds.

Mini plant pots for seeds.

In the spirit of Spring, I decided to see how green my thumb is. I’m starting a small garden from seeds and small plants. I’ve already planted a few seeds and they are trying their best to germinate.

Unfortunately, we haven’t got much sun recently. We’ve had a spat of rain and cloudiness. I suppose the “April showers” are what we have to look forward to instead of the cold for the next month or so. There won’t be many May flowers in my garden, but these will hopefully grow into nice peppers.

Pepper seeds

Pepper seeds

I planted three different kinds of peppers in this batch: Hot Portugal, Sweet Cayenne and Santiago Hybrid.

I’ll be planting a few more things, and hopefully soon cooking with fresh ingredients from my garden!

We’ll see what happens in a few weeks.

P.S. A bit of bonus information for those of you that clicked through: As Spring is a time of new beginnings, be prepared for some major changes coming up in the next month! I’m pretty exited but don’t want to give too much away. It’s been quiet on the front page the past week, but it has been pretty busy behind the scenes.


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