Stovetop Boxed Rice

Stovetop Boxed Rice

Stovetop Boxed Rice

When it comes to rice, I’d have to say I often end up going with boxed rice.  I’ve definitely made a couple good recipes that didn’t come from a box, but often I don’t want to spend the time and energy it takes to make them.  It also allows me to focus on the main course without having to worry about taking up a lot of space.  And also to be honest, boxed rices are pretty good (I especially like the boxed wild rice).  Better at least than their counterpart, boxed pasta.

I’m also posting this because a lot of people have trouble cooking rice.  I had a friend request this post, and I’ve seen many other people who’ve had trouble cooking rice.   I think the main problem is that people actually treat rice like pasta,  meaning that they can’t help but constantly stir it.  That is in itself a mistake, because rice should really mostly be steaming rather than boiling.  Anyways, here’s the quick and dirty on cooking boxed rice.  (If you’re looking for a fancier starch then check out William’s Absorption Pasta.)

Indentations = Success

Indentations = Success


So basically I’m going to defer you to your box of rice instructions and add a few basic guidelines.

1. The water comes to a boil over high heat, with some olive oil or butter.  You stir in the rice and seasoning packet,  reduce the heat to low, and cover.  **This is the only time you stir the rice until it’s finished cooking.**

2. Simmer until most of the water has evaporated.  If you have cooked the rice correctly, you will see indentations in the rice where steam has escaped (see above).

3. Once there isn’t any water the bottom of the pan (you can push some rice aside with a spoon to check) your rice is finished cooking.

Note: If the rice is going to finish before my entrée, then I will take it off the stove before all the water evaporates.  I then let the residual heat in the vessel cook the rice at a slower rate, which allows the rice to not be completely dried out by the time the entrée is ready.


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